A Fudpuckin Update


I sincerely hope you and your family are doing OK during this crazy time.  It is truly unprecedented in our lifetimes and all of us at Fudpucker’s send you our love.

Things haven’t changed much here since my last update, but I wanted to share something with you so you get a feel for the impact this virus has had on local businesses in Destin – mine in particular.

Back in 1982 when I opened Fudpucker’s as a Snack Bar in an 8’ by 10’ space at a local nightclub (Nightown) my sales the first night were $223.  Yesterday (38 years later) my sales in a 36,000 square foot building were $182.  In other words, the downturn in business has been catastrophic for us and our employees – just as it is for most small businesses across the country.  We have laid-off 96% of our employees and have fewer staff now than since 1985.

Like many small businesses we are doing everything we possibly can to secure loans from the government and our bank to keep operating in an effort to keep our core staff employed.

The FUDPUCKER TRADING COMPANY IS OPEN ONLINE AT  www.fudpuckerstore.com if you are in the need of one of our World Famous T-Shirts.

The bottom line is that we will make it through this – that is a promise.  We all will and may even come out of this mess with a more positive outlook.  I believe we are due for a re-set as to what is important and what is not.  I am encouraged when I see families working together in their yards and walking together in their neighborhoods.  My friends tell me that playing board games are a big deal and that their kids are actually enjoying their time with mom and dad.

I miss seeing a full restaurant with people laughing and enjoying the food, alligator shows and family entertainment that we are famous for.  Most of all I miss you – the thousands of loyal customers that made it possible for me to make a good living and send my kids to college.

Maybe what I am trying to do here is to say thanks for your support over the years and to let you know that you will be welcomed back with open arms next time you come by.

Be safe and be good to your family and friends.  They are what matter most.

Chester Kroeger aka Father Fud

Founder and CEO of Fudpucker’s Beachside Bar & Grill