Best Solution To Handling Apex Predators In Destin, Florida
And It Never Tasted So Good…

Destin, FL – July 21 2019 — From the darkest hallows of human fear, no other creatures strike terror into hearts of men like sharks and alligators. These apex predators have hunted their prey for millions of years in the oceans and on land, their unique evolution designed for one thing – killing. More than just monsters, sharks and alligators have survived through the mass extinction of the dinosaurs, lived through natural disasters, and persist in spite of mankind’s rise to domination. Sharks and alligators are survivors, their evolution unchanged for tens of millions of years, always there, waiting in the shadows to strike with lighting swift speed, feasting on unsuspecting prey.

Fudpucker’s Beachside Bar & Grill invites you turn the table on these predators and bring balance to the world. Fudpucker’s 1st Annual Shark Week’s Predator Plate will be in full swing starting July 21th, 2019. Every day during this event, our patrons will be able to enjoy shark and alligator as an appetizer, a sandwich, or a chef’s special. Fudpucker’s opens at 11am every day, and accepts large party reservations until 5pm.

Fudpucker’s Chef, Pierce Malone, has created three offerings to enjoy more than a mouthful of shark & alligator. The first is our wildly popular Gator Tail A La Fud – a best selling appetizer that leaves gators scurrying away with their tail between their legs. The second is our Blackened Shark Pucker – a shark sandwich dressed with the usual suspects and ready to delight. The third is our Apex Predator Plate, a Shark Kabob and an Alligator Sausage Kabob over Roasted Potatoes with Cole Slaw and Hushpuppies. Patrons will also be able to enjoy our popular Gator Pucker and Gator Sausage Dog right off our current menu. In addition to the food selection, Fudpucker’s is honoring Shark Week with a new mocktail called “Blood In The Water” – a refreshing concoction of layered Sprite, PowerAde and Grenadine.

  “If you can’t run or swim from them, then you better learn how to eat them,” are words that can often be heard from the rotund Father Fud around the start of shark week. “All kidding aside, the Apex Predator Plate is just plain ol’ good eatin’,” say Father Fud, owner of Fudpucker’s Beachside Bar & Grill, and long-time fisherman. “I ain’t never met a skewered meat I was afraid to eat! Hello shark and alligator, GET IN MY BELLY!”

  Patrons can not only enjoy great food and family fun at Fudpucker’s, but they have the opportunity to see alligators up close and personal at Gator Beach – The World’s Greatest Alligator Park. You can get your picture holding a gator, feed the gators, see our baby gators, and even visit “Pearl” – our rare albino alligator (1 of only 40 in the world). Admission to Gator Beach is Free every day. The park opens at 11am seven days a week.



Fudpucker’s is Famous for Great Food, Family FUN, Live Alligators and World Famous T-Shirts! Stuff your face with the “Original” Fudburger or chow down on the best shrimp & local seafood around. Check out Gator Beach – The World’s Greatest Alligator Park – Admission is FREE! Visit website for information on Teen Night, Fudnominals, and Birthday Party Packages.   Remember, “Ya Ain’t Been Pucked Til Ya Been Fudpucked!” – Get the T-Shirt to prove it! Open Daily at 11am. Beach or casual dress.
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GATOR BEACH “The World’s Greatest Alligator Park”

Located at Fudpucker’s in Destin. Open daily at 11am. 
DANGER! LIVE ALLIGATORS AHEAD! Come and experience the thrill of a lifetime at Gator Beach – “The World’s Greatest Alligator Park”. See 100 LIVE GATORS and FEED THEM, TOO! We’ll even let you and the family have your picture taken while holding a LIVE GATOR! Be sure to check out our FREE interactive Gator Shows during the day, view our baby alligators, and check out our rare albino alligator, “Pearl” – on of only 40 in the world! Visit our website for show times. Bring the family, take home ever lasting memories at Nortwest Florida’s Only Alligator Park. Admission is FREE!

850-654-4200, 20001 Hwy. 98 E., Destin,