A Message From Father Fud Regarding Fudpucker’s and The Coronavirus

To our Fudnominal customers,

On March 20th the Governor of the State of Florida suspended all on-premises food consumption at restaurants and bars. Accordingly, we are offering all our menu items “To-Go” so you can enjoy Fud Food whenever and wherever you wish. We are also teaming up with Uber Eats, Door Dash, Grub Hub and My Town To Go to provide you with delivery options anywhere in the Destin area.

Our Gift Shop – The “Fudpucker Trading Company” and “Gator Beach” The World’s Greatest Alligator Park are OPEN and we invite you to visit us when you are in Destin.

Our website www.fudpucker.com is a great place to check out our New Menu Items and purchase one of our World Famous T-Shirts and Fun Fud Merchandise.

Thanks for your patronage,

Father Fud