Fudpucker’s Teen Night (Designed For Parents But The Teens Won’t Know)


PARENTS! You’ve taken your family on vacation for Spring Break and you hope everyone will have a fun time – including your TEENS!

At home you spend a lot of time coordinating activities where you can check out who they are with, where they are going to be etc.  But let’s face it, aren’t you at least a little bit worried for their safety when they are out of sight during your vacation?

So how do you manage to keep them safe on vacation while letting them think that you aren’t cramping their style?

Fudpucker’s Teen Night! Mom and Dad, Teen Night was designed for you! (But don’t tell your kids that!)

In our 37th year of business at Fudpucker’s, many of us have already gone through the teenage years with our own kids. And with those days (mostly) in mind, Fudpucker’s has created the Ultimate Teen Experience designed for your 14 to 17-year-old. (And one that we would be more than happy sending our own high-schoolers to.)

Fudpucker’s Teen Night, at Fudpucker’s in Destin is Fun, Safe, Smoke-Free, Drug Free and Alcohol-Free.  Teen Night is essentially a huge Dance Party that offers an experience that meets the high-energy style of the kids. Complete with light shows, bubble and fog machines and lots of giveaways, your teen will dance the night away with some of the area’s hottest DJs. And you’ll be happy to know that our DJs spin only scrubbed (obscenity-free, etc.) music.  

You can relax knowing that off-duty Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Department officers, as well as Fudpucker’s own staff, are looking out for your kids. The Destin Fudpucker’s Restaurant is even set up so that you can check on your teens through windows in the lounge. So why not kick back and enjoy a meal and one of Fudpucker’s World Famous Whistle Wetters and let the kids have their fun!

Your teens will have the time of their lives while hanging out with their friends. And everyone agrees it’s a great way to make new friends from all over the country.

The Teen Night cover charge is only $15. Coca Cola products and popcorn are available for only $1. Or get the VIP upgrade which includes admittance to a Special VIP Area, FREE Popcorn, a 22-oz Fud Cup, glow necklace/bracelet, and non-alcoholic champagne. It’s the BEST DEAL IN TOWN!  Virgin Daiquiris, Pina Coladas, and Red Bull as well as milkshakes are also available for purchase.

Teen Night starts on March 12th and runs every Tuesday and Thursday night until April 4th.