Fudpucker’s Wingin’ It

Fuducker’s Wingin’ It – Episode 1

Welcome to episode 1 of “Fudpucker’s Wingin’ It,” a sizzling YouTube show brought to you straight from the heart of Fudpucker’s Beachside Bar & Grill in Destin, FL. In this episode our Guest is Nyanda and our Host is Caleb Love. Get up close and personal with our vibrant Fudpucker family – from savvy Servers to gallant Gator Handlers, hospitable Hosts, sharp-witted Marketing Associates, a visionary Owner, and our masterful Chef. Listen to their captivating stories, and interesting experiences, and learn what it takes to keep the energetic vibe of Fudpucker’s alive, all while they’re bravely biting into wings drenched in our Crazy Mother Pucker Hot Sauces.

Crazy Mother Pucker Hot Sauces

Speaking of our Crazy Mother Pucker Hot Sauces, each episode features a daring wing-eating challenge tossed in these fiery delights. From the tang of our Habitual Jalapeno to the scorching heat of our World Famous Liquid Lava, you’ll witness your favorite Fudpucker family members test their taste buds and heat tolerance. Can they handle the heat or will they admit defeat? And guess what? You don’t have to limit this hot sauce experience to your screen. Head over to our Trading Store and bring the sizzle home with our range of Crazy Mother Pucker Hot Sauces. Add a touch of Fudpucker’s flavor to your kitchen and spice up your life.

At Fudpucker’s Beachside Bar & Grill, the beach vibes never end. But with “Fudpucker’s Wingin’ It,” you’re invited backstage to meet the souls that give our spot its spark and perhaps embark on a tantalizing taste journey. Dive into winged delights with us, acquaint yourself with the Fudpucker crew, and see if you’re up for the Crazy Mother Pucker Hot Sauce challenge.

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